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Dental Checkups and Cleanings – Denton, TX

Commit to Scheduling Your Dental Checkup in Denton!

A family smiling outside.It’s the common belief among dentists and other medical professionals alike that preventive care is the best long-term strategy for avoiding serious disease and higher medical costs later in life. Basic appointments like dental checkups and cleanings for patients of all ages can mean the difference between keeping your smile healthy for life and experiencing a dental emergency. That’s why your dentist in Denton, Dr. Todd Balington, is very excited to help his community keep up with their oral health through routine appointments!

Dental Checkups

A man at his dental appointment.Routine checkups are a crucial part of maintaining your oral health because most serious dental problems cannot be caught on your own. Once common issues like cavities and gum disease start to cause pain, that means it’s too late to prevent their damage in the first place. It essentially means that the damage has already begun and far more difficult to treat. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can largely prevent these serious issues, catch the early signs and as a result make adjustments to your oral care routine as needed.

During the exam, Dr. Balington and his team of hygienists will look for tartar, a calcified form of plaque that typically appears in neglected areas of the mouth. They’ll also measure the pocket depth of your gums, which will help them determine if gum disease is either present or in its early stages.

Furthermore, having a thorough dental exam performed every six months is the most ideal way to catch other problems before they cause permanent damage. A great example of this includes chronic teeth grinding, which wears down enamel permanently and increases tooth sensitivity. Exams also help you catch early signs of oral cancer, which is far more treatable when found sooner rather than later.


A woman receiving a fluoride varnish.There’s really no at-home cleaning routine that compares to what you can find at your dentist’s office. Not only will your dental cleaning be extremely thorough and comprehensive, but you’ll be able to remove substances that you can’t at home, such as tartar. The process of removing tartar is known as scaling and is performed during every cleaning as needed.

After loosening and irrigating tartar out of your mouth, Dr. Balington’s team will begin the polishing and flossing process. These work to remove stains on teeth and break down plaque from the areas often missed during at-home cleaning.

After your routine cleaning, Dr. Balington or one of his highly-trained hygienists will apply a fluoride varnish to further protect your teeth until your next visit. Fluoride is the active ingredient that prevents decay and remineralizes the surface of your teeth. This highly concentrated form is not something you can find for sale at a typical grocery store or pharmacy.

Ready to take your oral health to the next level? Commit to your dental checkup in Denton to keep you and your family’s smiles healthy for years to come. Contact us today to get started!

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