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Denton Tooth Extractions

Woman holding jaw in pain In most cases, we partner with patients to maintain their healthy smiles and avoid tooth loss. However, there are certain circumstances where tooth extraction is the right thing to help you maintain the optimal level of oral health. If you need to have one or more teeth removed, the Denton Dental Center team is here to help. Our skilled periodontist, Naveen Karim, DDS, makes it possible for our dental office to provide even the most advanced surgical tooth extraction services in complete safety and comfort. If you’re ready to learn more about tooth extractions or other services available from our Denton dentist and team, call to schedule a consultation appointment with us today. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Why are Extractions Recommended?

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

We will only recommend tooth extraction when necessary to maintain the optimal level of oral health. Some of the situations where tooth extraction is recommended include:

How are Tooth Extractions Performed?

Woman during tooth extraction

We will either need to pull or surgically remove your tooth. Pulling is only possible for those teeth that have fully erupted from the gum line. We numb the area around the tooth before removal. Then, clasping tools are used to hold onto the tooth as we shift it back and forth until it breaks free from the supportive bone and soft tissues. Surgical tooth extractions are necessary when the tooth is not fully erupted or otherwise unable to be pulled. In the simplest cases, we only need to remove a small amount of supportive tissue to extract the tooth. In other cases, our skilled periodontist, Dr. Karim will need to perform more complex tooth extraction procedures. With an experienced specialist in our office, we can easily perform all levels of tooth extraction quickly, safely, and effectively.

Who Performs the Extraction?

Man looking at smile in mirror

In most cases, Dr. Karim, our skilled periodontist, will perform tooth extraction procedures. With years of advanced training and education, Dr. Karim is able to complete even the most complex surgical tooth removal procedures. With a skilled periodontist on our team, patients will be completely safe and comfortable throughout the course of tooth extraction.

What Happens After Tooth Removal?

Following your tooth extraction procedure, we’ll provide you with an after-care plan personalized to your unique situation. There will likely be some discomfort, bleeding, and swelling that should begin to diminish after 48 hours. If you notice increasing pain, swelling, or sensitivity, call our office right away. If you need to have one or more extracted teeth replaced, our team will begin this restoration process as soon as possible after your tooth extraction. If you have questions or concerns about your tooth removal or replacement plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring dentistry team. We want patients to feel 100% confident in every step of their treatment plans.

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