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Children’s Dentistry – Denton, TX

Quality Care for Smiles of All Sizes

Little girl smilingYou may already know that oral healthcare for your child is important, but did you know that tooth decay is one of the leading chronic health problems for kids in the US? This causes children to miss an average of 51 million hours of school per year. For reasons like diet and lack of proper brushing and flossing technique, kids in general have a higher risk of cavities and decay. At Denton Dental Center, we offer numerous children’s dentistry services to prevent and treat their dental issues with expert care. Read on to see how Dr. Todd Balington and his team can help prevent and treat your son or daughter’s oral health problems.

The Importance of Seeing a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Boy smiling in dental chairTaking your child to the dentist’s office is good but finding them a dentist who they can feel comfortable with is better! A kid-friendly dentist is vital to your child’s growth and development along with their oral health because it will influence their perception of dental care for the rest of their life. This means that the more positive experiences that they have early on, the higher their chances are of a good oral healthcare routine in the future. That’s why Dr. Balington and his team are experienced in providing comfortable, quality, and even fun care for your little ones.

Dental Sealants

Child in dental chairWe offer dental sealants as a way of preventing cavities for your children before they occur in the first place. We can place thin layers of tooth-colored resin on the chewing surfaces of your child’s adult molars as soon as they grow in. These teeth are not only used the most for chewing, but they also have small nooks and crannies that make an easy place for cavities to form. Using dental sealants, Dr. Balington can seal off these important teeth, smoothing them out while also keeping your child’s teeth strong and protected.

Fluoride Treatment

Girl smiling in dental chairFluoride is another proactive treatment that we recommend for children because it helps strengthen their tooth enamel. While it’s impossible to grow lost enamel back, fluoride can preserve it for the future. Dr. Balington, an expert dentist in Denton, can apply fluoride in the form of a varnish directly onto your son or daughter’s teeth for a safe and effective treatment. He may also recommend using a fluoridated toothpaste or mouthwash for extra protection at home.

Athletic Mouthguards

Do your kids play sports? The most common type of dental emergencies for children are injuries to their teeth. Your son or daughter is automatically at higher risk of a cracked, broken, or knocked-out tooth during sports, which is why it’s important that they wear mouthguards. Your children’s dentist in Denton and his team custom-makes athletic mouthguards for your kids to give them the protection that they need. These mouthguards not only last much longer than store-bought options, but they feel better because they are personalized to your son or daughter’s smile.

Children’s Dentistry FAQs

parent dancing with their children in their living room

Do you have questions about your child’s dental health? At Denton Dental Health, we offer in-depth children’s preventive care to make sure that your little one’s smile grows to be healthy and happy. For your convenience, we’ve also answered some common questions that we receive from parents below.

How often should my child visit the dentist?

Once your child’s first tooth grows in, it’s recommended that they visit their dentist every six months, just like adults. Because children’s mouths are developing so rapidly, it’s important to make sure that everything’s progressing the way it should and to take care of any small oral health problems before they become major.

When should I start brushing my child’s teeth with toothpaste?

You can start by cleaning your infant’s gums by using a soft, clean cloth that’s damp. However, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry doesn’t recommend using toothpaste until their first tooth appears. After that, you can use a rice-grain-sized smear of toothpaste on a small toothbrush, eventually graduating to a pea-sized dab when they turn three.

How can I tell if my child’s getting enough fluoride?

Fluoride helps your child’s tooth enamel grow to be strong and protect the more fragile inner-portion of their pearly whites from cavities and infections. When you visit your children’s dentist in Denton, be sure to ask them whether they feel your child is getting enough fluoride. If they aren’t they can suggest preventive fluoride treatments or other tips to make sure that their enamel is developing properly. Patients’ predominant form of fluoride intake is typically via oral health products like toothpaste or their water supply.

What happens during my child’s first visit to their dentist?

Your child’s first visit to their dentist in Denton will take place by the time their first tooth appears. Our team likes to make this appointment fun and inviting, so they aren’t scared to come back to our office. If possible, we’ll conduct a quick examination of their mouth to make sure that their teeth are growing in properly. Then, we’ll introduce them to brushing and flossing their teeth and help them get excited about taking care of their smile. This is also a great time for parents to ask any questions they may have, like some tips on how to take care of growing teeth!

How can I keep my child from getting cavities?

If your child is prone to frequent cavity development, we may suggest altering their oral hygiene routine, daily diet, or getting dental sealants. These are like protective shields that are painted over the surface of their molars to keep sugar and bacteria from accumulating and causing decay.

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