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2019 Newsletter Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

Avoid Bone Loss; Replace Missing Teeth!

Dr. Balington and the team members at Denton Dental Center hope that their patients are doing well since our last newsletter. Recently, we’ve noticed many patients have been dealing with the negative side effects as a result of their missing teeth. Decay is more prominent, oral care is more difficult, and their moods haven’t been the best. While it’s unfortunate, it’s no surprise that missing teeth has left such a negative effect on their daily life.

That’s why we’d like to emphasize the importance of replacing teeth and restoring your smile, but not just with any dental device. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll go over the long-term effects of missing teeth and what we think is the best way to replace them.

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Teeth and Appearance

One of the most common complaints patients tell us about their smile is the way it looks after extraction. No one wants to show their smile when they are missing teeth, even when only friends and family members are present. While some patients don’t mind the way their smile looks, it’s important to note that all patients with missing teeth will experience extensive changes in their appearance as a result.

Teeth don’t exclusively consist of the crown portion visible in your smile. They also consist of a root portion that extends deep into the jawbone, which is responsible for transferring essential nutrients to the jaw and facial tissues. When the tooth is missing, it disrupts blood flow and bone stimulation to these areas. This causes premature facial sagging and an older appearance overall.

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How Missing Teeth Impact Your Health

If you’re like many of our patients missing teeth, you probably struggle to eat foods the way you used to. Tough and crunchy foods are generally off the table, so to speak, ultimately forcing you to eat a diet of only soft foods. However, there are many fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in essential vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for a balanced diet. Without them, you put yourself at much higher risk of becoming malnourished.

Furthermore, the gaps in your smile won’t stay that way for very long. Eventually, your remaining teeth will begin to shift into the empty space in order to compensate for the extra room. This only causes your bite to become misaligned, increasing your risk of chronic conditions like bruxism (chronic teeth grinding) and TMJ disorder.

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Our Recommended
Tooth Replacement Option

When teeth are missing, it’s difficult not to recommend dental implants because of their longevity and effectiveness at replicating natural teeth. When you choose dental implants to replace teeth, you’re getting a restoration that is:

  • Durable and Reliable
  • Capable of restoring basic functions (blood flow, bone stimulation, etc.)
  • Significantly improving your biting force
  • The most natural-looking restoration in dentistry today
  • The longest-lasting solution to extensive tooth loss

We don’t want our patients to suffer from tooth loss nor the long-term effects that accompany it. That’s why we recommend dental implants for those looking for the most cost-effective solution possible. If you or someone you know needs a tooth replaced or is putting off treatment for dental implants in Denton, feel free to stop by our office or have them contact us. By scheduling a consultation, we can determine the exact condition of your mouth and provide more information on treatment. We hope to see you at the practice soon!

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