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November 2019 Newsletter Make the Most of Insurance in 2019

Use Dental Insurance Before the Year is Over Newsletter

Now that 2019 is coming to a close and patients have begun thinking of their New Year’s resolutions, the Denton Dental Center staff wants everyone to know how important it is to take advantage of their dental insurance benefits. Many people know what dental insurance is and that they have it, but still aren’t entirely sure which treatments are covered.

That’s why now is the best time to start thinking about scheduling your treatments. Not only is our office in-network with a number of plans, but we’re more than happy to help you file a claim for any plan we aren’t in-network with to best maximize your benefits. The better you understand what benefits you have, the better off you’ll be able to plan your future care at our office!

Don’t Let Benefits
Go to Waste in 2019!

It’s become a common issue where dental benefits don’t get used, inevitably causing them to expire in the new year. But instead of letting that money you spent paying into insurance go back to the insurance companies, you can take advantage of preventive treatments offered at a highly-reduced cost. For example, dental insurance is largely ideal for completing exams, cleanings, X-rays and even fluoride applications. This is because providers recognize that treatments designed to prevent dental disease should be affordable to those willing to schedule time for them.

Keep in mind that outside of your at-home brushing, flossing and routine appointments, you don’t need any other treatments to maintain optimal oral health. Why should you worry about needing a dental crown or periodontal therapy when you practice preventive maintenance?

Why Now is the Best Time to Get Scheduled

While the end of the year does tend to work for those with time off work during the holidays, it’s not the most ideal time for everyone. In many cases, time slots will fill up quickly because of the number of people trying to make the most out of their insurance benefits.

This is just another reason why it’s important to look over your insurance plans now, and get your appointment schedule as quickly as possible. You’ll have the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you need to protect you and your family’s oral health, while avoiding the last-minute rush that can happen towards the end of the year.

Got a Health-Related Resolution? Get Dental Care Scheduled!

If you’re like many of our other patients, your resolution is focused on improving your systemic health. This could be through a modified diet or a new workout routine, but did you ever stop to think how oral health can help your body achieve improved wellness overall?

For one, routine checkups are designed to catch dental disease as well as markers for other systemic conditions. These include heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, stroke, oral cancer, osteoporosis, and acid reflux to name a few. For some conditions, particularly oral cancer, you can have zero risk factors and still have the disease, but regular visits help you catch the early signs before it’s too late.

Furthermore, routine visits are ideal for confirming aspects about your oral care regimen and how your diet affects your risk to dental disease. Even if you brush twice a day and floss daily, it may be undermined by the foods you’re eating on a regular basis. For example, if we notice that your diet is permanently affecting your tooth enamel, a professional exam can confirm this and Dr. Balington can help you create a diet that prevents this accelerated erosion.

When you know what your dental benefits are, you’ll feel far more confident to utilize them in a timely manner. Whether you have an in-network plan with us or not, our team members will do everything they can to make sure you’re getting the most out of your benefits when you visit our office. We hope to see you and your family members soon!

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